Best Ways to Secure Your Windows in Australia

Windows keep your rooms bright during daytime, but they are also the most vulnerable parts of your house. Most house break-ins are done through a window. So it’s perfectly fine if you think your windows don’t offer adequate protection. Here are several methods you can use to safeguard your windows:

Get Grilles

Grilles are made from sturdy metal bars that are welded together. Grilles are usually installed from inside the window frame. The gaps in these are too small for a human to enter (though a small animal like a cat can sometimes sneak through). Grilles can prevent forced entry through a window even if a burglar manages to break open the lock. Grilles are an excellent way to protect home windows with near certainty. One downside is that you may need to keep at least one window without a grille to use as a fire escape.

Install Security Bars or Screens

If decorative grilles are not an affordable option, you can consider buying bars or security screens Perth. These are similar to grilles, but are often not as decorative or expensive. Window bars, however, can be decorative with some custom tweaking. There are modern designs that won’t make your house look like a prison from the outside.

A security screen is similar to a bug screen, except that it’s much sturdier and is built to prevent tampering and forced entry. These screens can double as pest barriers too. Screens can also offer you privacy inside the house.

Invest in Smash-Proof Windows

Worried that someone might literally break into your house by simply smashing over the window? Get rid of such worries for certain by buying smash-proof window glass. These can be slightly more expensive than the regular variety. But the advantage is that no one will be able to simply break the glass and enter. You can install smash-proof glass to your existing window frames if you like.

Reinforce Window Glass

Reinforced glass isn’t complete smash proof. However, this glass is thicker and is very difficult to break open. If break-free glass isn’t in your budget, then consider getting reinforced glass instead. There are usually multiple panes in this type of glass. They are highly protective, and may filter out UV rays as well.

Replace Old Locks with Better Ones

One of the simplest and effective ways to keep intruders away from your windows is to lock it. Open windows are just invite unwanted characters into your home. When getting into your house is difficult, most criminals would just give up. You need to install proper locks from the inside. If your windows are several decades older, it’s time to invest in a modern lock those safeguards against break-ins. The investment would be well worth it.

Place Motion Sensor Lights Near the Windows

At night, when the lights are on inside, it can be difficult to tell if there’s someone outside your window. While security cameras may record it, you won’t immediately realise someone is outside. If you want to know if a person passes by a window, make sure there are motion sensor lights installed by the window. The light will automatically switch on, alerting you to a presence outside.

The above methods can deter burglars for the most part. No system is completely fool proof. However, trying one or two of the above should protect your home better than it used to be.

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