Tips to help you increase the natural lighting in your home

A house that is lit up with natural lighting in a day certainly does create an impression of a large and airy space. That is why most of the times even those that own a small house always strive to make sure that the amount of sunlight entering in to their home is maximized. So, if you are one of them, here are some tips you could use.

Eaves in white

Of the best tricks in the books to enhance the natural light flowing in to your home is to paint that extra space of your roof known as eaves in white. Once light reflects on these, automatically sunlight is directed in to your home lighting up the entire space. What’s even best here is that since these eaves angle towards the house, even if your house is painted in a different shade it wouldn’t make much difference to paint them in white, and no one would even be able to see it at all.

Lighter shades

The colours that you use to paint your house also affects the flow of light in to your home. Especially if you own a small house, painting the walls in dark shades is only going to enhance this reality making your place seem dingy and cold. However, if you were to substitute them with lighter and airier shades the reflection of sunlight on them would naturally create an illusion of a size double than its reality. Of course, you could also learn and Read more on such tips by going through designer books. This way you can incorporate even cooler tricks to create a lit illusion.

Gloss paint

Don’t simply settle for ordinary paint on your walls. If you want to create a lit space that is doubled up with natural light flowing in, choose paint with a gloss shade. This way with the light flowing in and reflecting on the surface, your walls become mirrors that light up the space!


Another trick to double up the natural light flowing in to your house is to select glass tiles as backlash for your kitchens and bathrooms. With the right amount of light hitting on these, the illumination it creates is a hundred percent, eliminating the need for you to settle for a dark and dull kitchen. A kitchen has to be lit for it to be more inviting. That is why following this tip is a must!

You could also install glass blocks in spaces that you need to cover yet once you cover they might darken up the space. Installing these would make sure that you cover the space that you want yet at the same time it would make sure the light isn’t blocked.

So try the above tips in your home and create a naturally lit house!

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