How to Maximize Storage Space in Small Houses

Perhaps your home has sentimental value and you can’t imagine leaving it for a bigger house, knowing just how many memories it may hold. Perhaps you’ve never really minded smaller, to-the-point spaces as opposed to extravagant housing schemes or maybe this was the more affordable route for you. But as your family grows bigger, you would have realized the need to maximize storage space in your home as much as possible if you want to keep living there. Here’s a few tips on how to do exactly that.

De-clutter your house

Every small house owner’s nightmare is having too much stuff and not knowing what to do with it later on. “What if I need it later”, you say? Push those thoughts out of your head. If you haven’t used it until now, you definitely won’t need it later. You can donate these items or even give them to family members where they’ll actually be used. You can also arrange for house cleaning professionals of high quality at affordable prices to help you clean and organize your home, giving it that finishing touch.

Maximize closet space

Especially when sharing a room, closet space can be really pushed to its limits. Yet, if you want to reach that maximum capacity, you can add a dresser to fit perfectly in the space under your hanging clothes in the closet. Fitting a dresser into a closet can create a large amount of storage space in the bedrooms of smaller houses. It is these creative smaller touches that significantly save up space.

Nothing remains on the ground

Raising a family, you probably know how difficult it is to pick up after your kids- specially during playtime. For this very purpose, you might feel that it is easier to keep your child’s toys on the floor. Easy access, right? Perhaps so, but it is also a definite source of cluttering. Make an active effort to shelve toys, shoes and other necessities (other than rugs and carpets of course) that often find themselves lying on the floor and this will give your home a clearer look and make cleaning a much easier process too!

Create separate regions

One room doesn’t have to have one purpose. If your belongings are shelved appropriately, you can divide your room into different zones to suit your purpose. For example one big room can be divided into 3 separate zones- a dining table area, sitting room area for watching TV or reading books and a play area for your kids so you can keep an eye on them!

These are a few simple ways to ensure you make the most of your storage space in a smaller house. Remember, the key is to be as creative as possible!

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