Energy Saving Home Design Ideas

Incorporating energy efficiency into your home design right from the beginning could save your family thousands of dollars in the future. It would also save you the expensive upfront costs of installing energy saving upgrades later. Here are several ideas for making your home energy efficient from the get go:

Invest in Solar Power from the Start

Solar power offers amazing benefits for regular homeowners. However, most people choose not to install solar panels because of the hardware costs. Investing in solar power from early on could save you these hardware costs that might incur later. You won’t have to pay to change the roof or to rewire the home when solar is installed during the early home building processes. Installing solar power during renovations would also save you money.

The main advantage of solar power is that it offers free electricity for homes. If your solar batteries generate excess energy, it can be fed back into the grid in return for reimbursements (if available in the state you live in).

Ditch the Air Conditioning System

The typical HVAC system is one of the biggest energy consumers in homes and offices. Not installing an HVAC system in the first place would save the family a lot of money down the line. But the obvious problem would be finding an alternative to necessary air conditioning, especially during the summer months.

Homeowners can find local ceiling fans Sydney to install instead of air conditioners. Fans consumer much less energy compared to HVAC systems, but the cooling effect is largely similar. Homeowners can rely on a gas or wood powered heater during the winter months. Thick drapes also help to keep homes well insulated.

Install Large Windows

Do you know how light bulbs drive up the costs of energy bills at home? Most homeowners popularly install KED bulbs to improve energy efficiency overall. However, even LED bulbs can run up energy costs when they are turned on most hours during the day. To prevent bulbs from being turned on when there’s still daylight outside, incest in large windows.

Large windows can introduce plenty of daylight into room, thus eliminating any need to turn the lights on unless it’s completely dark outside. In winter, large windows can bring in more sunlight to keep rooms warmer. In the summer, blackout curtains can easily keep rooms cool. In either case, it prevents having to turn on any electrical-powered product to illuminate a room during daytime.

Insulate Properly

Improper insulation is one of the main contributors to high energy bills at home. Make sure your home is well insulated to cut back on heat bills in winter. In particular, ensure that the roof and the ceiling are properly insulated. Have the areas checked annually before winter to make sure the parts are intact and does not have any cracks that could cause warm air to leak out.

Invest in Energy Efficiency Rated Appliances

Appliances built for the kitchens and other areas of the house consume a lot more energy than homeowners suspect. Therefore, the best way to cut back on these costs is to buy appliances that are rated for energy efficiency. Energy Star rated appliances are particularly reliable not to waste electricity and increase monthly bills.

With the above tips, you will be able to cut back on some of the most common energy wasting causes at homes and enjoy a leaner energy bill.

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