The Best Floor Materials for Different Climates

Making a home with material that is suitable to the location you live in is absolutely vital, whether it is the tropics or the arctic tundra, your home must be perfectly suited for that climate. And these days with the climate being so out of whack you truly need to properly understand what materials you can or cannot use in your home, depending on where you live. So here is a small list of various floor materials for different climates:


For countries that experience the seasons of autumn and winter, carpets are the way to go! The carpet keeps your feet warm and toasty and it never gets too cold. But keep in mind that water and carpets do not mix so if there is a leak that is causing your carpet to get damp, then you are going to have some serious issues.


Unfortunately, hardwood is affected by extreme dampness or dryness. So it would be a downright terrible idea to install it in the bathroom, basement or kitchen. Hardwood is not suitable for the tropics as the moisture, direct sunlight and hot air will make the wood get very damaged and even cause it to warp making the floor un-levelled.


With laminate floors that are of a lower quality you need to leave something called an ‘expansion gap’. This is to allow the laminate floors to breath (also known as, contracting and expanding) due to extremely high and then extremely low temperatures. When exposed to water for long periods of time the laminate flooring will begin to warp just like the hardwood. So this is not exactly the ideal choice for a home in the tropics. But if you are willing to pay for the more expensive laminate then you will not have all these exact issues.

Ceramic tile or concrete

Tile is cool to walk on and is very similar to concrete. Both tile and concrete are perfect for the warm climates as neither or these heat up or absorb moisture. Tiles are super low maintenance and easy to clean. If you live in colder regions however tiles and concrete would be a nightmare as it would be far too cold to even walk on.


Vinyl is one of those floors that basically fit any climate whether hot or cold. But too much direct sunlight can cause it to fade. It is however durable and does not get very easily damaged. In fact, it greatly resembles linoleum in its durability. Vinyl can look almost exactly like hardwood so for anyone who wants the elegance of hardwood floors but lives in a country that is too humid to get them, just try vinyl or maybe even engineered timber flooring Melbourne, because there’s no harm in trying something new, you might just like it more than the hardwood.

So now, whether you have to deal with extremely frigid temperatures, a very humid atmosphere, scorching bone dry breezes or a combination of all of these, you have a better understanding of what you need to know in order to select the perfect material to use for the floors in your home.

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