Tips for Organising Wiring Messes at Home or Work

We all know the hassle of having way too many cables under the computer desk at work or in the TV room at home. While technology has made strident advances in creating wireless charging or connecting devices, many gadgets we frequently use require wiring, such as your computer for example. Other items, such as lamps, portable cooling devices, or cleaning equipment, can also create tangles of wires that’s difficult to keep organized.

If your living space is unsightly and disorganized because of tangled wires, here are several tips for keeping everything neat and clean:

Tie Cables or Wires Together

Don’t hesitate to use cable clips or even Velcro strips to tie up wires that tend to stray. You can keep wires of a single unit, such as a speaker set, together using a clip or a tie of some sort. The idea is to prevent the cables from moving all over the place and creating a mess. Using clips is a great idea to keep wires permanently out of the way. For example, you can keep cables secured to a wall, a side of a table, or a point on the floor using these.

Use a Cable Sleeve

A cable sleeve is a neat gadget that essentially brings together multiple cables, essentially converting all cables into one, thick wire. A cable sleeve is much like a tie, except that tying is not actually requires. Simply pull as many cables as you like through the sleeve to prevent the wires from getting all over the place. Cable sleeves are perfect for organizing computer or home entertainment system wires. If there’s a mess on the floor, this should largely solve it.

Try a Cable Shortener

A cable shortener is a neat accessory you can use to reduce the length of the wires. This gadget essentially allows you to coil a cable or a wire around, thus eliminating long, stray wires. You can’t have to cut the cable or do anything of the sort. If your room has long cables that may spill over a desk or on the floor, a cable shortener can help you keep things organized. This gadget is perfect for computer desks that may have long power cables or speaker wires creating messes. It’s great for preventing various cables from tangling together as well.

Duct Tape as a Last Resort

Don’t want to spend money on fancy gadgets to organize wires at home? Then duct tape is a solid solution most of the time. Simply duct tape stray cables together to keep them in place.

Switch to Wireless Gadgets

There’s a slightly more expensive solution to having too many cables on your desk: replace a wired gadget with a wireless one. This is not possible in all cases of course. But if you have too many cables on your computer desk for example, you can eliminate some by switching to wireless headphones, a wireless mouse, or a wireless keyboard. The biggest advantage wireless gadgets offer is more organization at your work or living spaces.

Try one or two of the above solution to prevent cable tangles and messes in your office, bedroom, or the living room.

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