Things to consider before taking part in an auction as an artist

As an event planner or an individual of a company that is trying to sell art, you will have to organise events where people can bid for the art items. These events must be very effective and should be able to attract the right type of clientele or donors. The atmosphere should be vibrant and give a taste of culture and sophistication. Many auction events focus on the collection of funds for various charity events, which the artist can decide upon.


If someone searches for you on the internet under “auction Hong Kong art items” and your name appears under the top ten in the list, then you will be invited to donated a few pieces of your fine work. However, before all this is confirmed, you need to use the below criteria and ensure that you are making the right decision.

Is it for a worthy cause?

You will always be on the look out to ensure that the values of the company organising and the buyers who are invited are with those who have the same values. For example, if you are in the industry of antique auction Hong Kong based, then you need to ensure that you attract the right type of customers who love antiques and not those love modern art.


How is the exposure good for oneself?

Many artists prefer not to have exposure to the public. You need to decide what sort of exposure you are looking for; do you want to be famous? Do you want to stay away from the limelight? Are you making art to make yourself and the people around you happy? Some people love the critics that they get and both negative and positive responses about the work.

The publicity

The marketing tools and strategies that are used should be used professionally and be very attractive. Customers will be attracted to your line of work if the publicity strategies are implemented the right way to the right target audience. The venue of the auction should be suitable for the event type and you should ensure that you invite the top few people who are bound to come which will help other people who are interested in art to view your work. Automatically, if you want the exposure, critics and other press releases will have your name on websites, magazines and papers.


Therefore, it is very important about how you work around an auction event. There are many things that can go wrong along the way, but if your heart is not happy with the organisation you have chosen to represent you, then you need to find the one that speaks to your heart.


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