Two tips to help you do well in your exam

Every student aspires to do well in their Examinations. This is because examinations are the gateway to achieve the career they want and the certifications they need. However examinations are not easy to do. They require a lot of sacrifices by the student so they can get the score they desire.  So doing an examination well is very important and to ensure that you can do it, take a look at the tips below.

Prepare a lot for your exam.

This is something that that is integral for any student hoping to well in their examination.  They need to prepare for it. Preparation is more than just getting ready for an examination.  If you are a student you need to prepare well ahead of your exam. You might have to start studying for it and making notes at least at the beginning of the year so that you don’t have to rush at the end and cram all your work in the last day.  If you find certain parts of your studies difficult you need to consult with the tutor beforehand, for example, if you are having an IB English exam then you need to consult with the ib english exam tutor regarding what you find difficult so they can help you.

If you are going to do ib math exam preparation then you have to use methods that you find easy. Mathematics can be a difficult subject if you don’t know the correct techniques to apply and examinations have specific methods that they expect students to use in solving equations and problems therefore if you wish to do your exam well then you need to be trained in these methods.

Plan in the first few minutes.

It is also important when doing an exam that before you start answering, you read the entire paper and decide what you are going to do. You will find that certain questions in the examination will be much easier than others therefore first answer these questions before tackling the rest.  This would guarantee that you can score on these easier questions therefore even if you lose track of time and are unable to finish the entire paper, at least you would be guaranteed to get a decent mark.


Another advantage of planning ahead is that you get to understand the questions and formulate the answers for them better. This would be more important in examinations that test comprehension as not all the questions would be as they seem on the surface therefore you need to understand them better. Furthermore you would need to understand what points to write and while writing straight away might seem time-saving. There are many cases where students write an answer only to realize later with not much time to spare that the answer was entirely wrong. At this point you would not be able to change the answer even if you know what the correct answer is.

Therefore if you wish to do well in your examination pay heed to the tips above.

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